Question Of The Day by Al Katkowsky

…a book, and an app for iPhone and Android


Thanks For Listening

Welcome to those of you who have been listening to “Literature For The Halibut” tonight over KDHX in St Louis. A big thanks to Jason Braun; I hope you enjoyed his interview with me. We will be posting  the interview soon, keep an eye out for it.




Jane Friedman’s Question Of The Week

Jane Friedman has been running a feature on her website called Question Of The Week.  On Thursdays, she takes a Question Of The Day question and poses it to her Twitter and Facebook following. On the following Sunday, she presents many of the best answers, while making note of the trends and tendencies that come up.

Jane’s following is diverse, and the answers are interesting. Have a look


The New Question Of The Day iPhone App Is Here!

It’s here! The Question Of The Day iPhone App is available for upgrade and first time download (also on iPad).

This version is in full color, and features 12 new videos, bringing the total to 30.

We have now incorporated Tumblr sharing, and simplified use for Twitter. As always, the app shares through Facebook, Texting and Email. 


You can get it direct through the iTunes here.


Question Of The Day Is Released Today

The long journey from book to app and back again is completed.  
We have come full circle.

Question Of The Day is out in bookstores. Today.

Thank you, everyone.

– Al


Yay! Sunday Art and Book Event

Question Of The Day will be a featured part of the latest installment of the Art Is Hard series, which presents today, Sunday November 27 at 7:30 PM, at The Leaky Lifeboat Inn in Seaford, NY. Art Is Hard was featured last month in Newsday.



The Question Of The Day Android App Is Here!


By popular demand, Question Of The Day is now available on Android .
133 Questions, with sharing options and 30 videos.

Come and get it!


The First Event For The New Book

Publishing, some sushi, a little introspection, a few new songs, a handful of requests…sex, cocktails and rock and roll…it is go time.


Music and Question Of The Day Book Event
Thursday, November 17 at 7:00pm
Thom Thom Steak and Seafood
3400 Park Ave
Wantagh, NY
(516) 221-8022