Question Of The Day by Al Katkowsky

…a book, and an app for iPhone and Android

The Book

Question Of The Day was created by Al Katkowsky for Sporkfly Media. Self published in 2008, it jumped formats and became an iPhone App in 2009. After 200,000 downloads and much industry attention, the book was picked up by F&W Media in 2011. QotD was expanded from 120 Questions to 343, and re-released on December 2, 2011.

Question Of The Day is an activity in book form. The playwright John Patrick Shanley has called theatre “a safe place to do unsafe things that need to be done.” Question Of The Day is in this tradition, and seeks to get the best out of you. This is why it is subtitled, “Where Truth Is The Dare.”

From the introduction and back cover:
“…you will find that these questions bring you an opportunity to show something about yourself that you don’t normally show, a chance to consider your best possible future out loud, and a way to explore something you would like to do, or some new way that you would rather be. Question provides you with a forum to share as much as you would like, and playfully dares you and supports you in going further than you may have intended.”